Change Agents in the Making

The three culminating events of the International Baccalaureate Programme prepare students for taking action in today’s world.

Authentically Dr. Hutchings

With just a few months until his departure, Shaker Schools Superintendent Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. shares what he’s learned as an advocate, educator, leader, and a father.

Choosing the Middle Path

Middle school is nobody’s favorite time of life. Or is it? Shaker Heights Middle School boasts a talented staff of teachers, counselors, and administrators who have chosen to embrace this unique developmental stage, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 Cheers for Volunteers

Parents, grandparents, alums, and community members provide a big assist to Shaker students and their teachers, when they volunteer their time and talents.

Making the Grade

A Shaker Heights Schools education has never been better. You wouldn’t know it from the State Report Card.

A Keen Eye for Details

Meet Shaker Heights High School Principal Jonathan Kuehnle. You will be "keenly" aware of how to pronounce his name.

Reflections on Equity in Education

In 1970 the Shaker Schools embarked on a long journey toward greater equity in public education. Reflections on how far we have come and what work must still be done.