Daddy, Please YouTube Me a Story

Shaker Library’s ever-evolving methods of access to information reflect strategic moves into a range of services beyond book lending.


The Blur of Jeopardy

My parents often told me that it was only a matter of time before I ended up on the show. I would usually laugh it off and roll my eyes.

Q&A with Susan Orlean

“I love hearing how much people love libraries,” Orlean says. It gives me great hope for the future of humankind.”

Engaged at Every Age

According to the AARP, nearly seven baby boomers turn 65 every 60 seconds. In keeping up to the minute, the Shaker Heights Public Library offers inclusive programming and services that reflect the wide interests of today’s older adults.

Cultivating Community Art

Libraries are places that nurture an individual’s free and creative expression – and that includes art.