Advertise in Shaker Life and tap into the buying power of Shaker Heights residents.

Shaker Life explores the many reasons why Shaker Heights is Cleveland’s most desirable and prestigious suburb. We focus on quality of life — the people, neighborhoods, homes and real estate, schools, natural beauty, and recreational and cultural amenities. We also highlight the City’s focus on redevelopment of its commercial districts into thriving mixed-use neighborhoods.

Shaker Life advertisers have the unique opportunity to reach a very special market: approximately 16,500 homes and hundreds of businesses in the Shaker Heights City School District. The combined educational, professional, and income profile is exceptional (see below). An additional 2,500 copies are mailed or delivered to real estate companies, universities, law firms, hospitals and corporations, reaching that difficult to find but very fruitful, affluent relocation market.

Shaker Life offers 100% saturation of this valuable eastside market, including opportunities for advertising on shaker.life, the new Shaker Life website.

Our Audience

  • 65% of Shaker’s residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

  • More than 55% of Shaker’s population is between 20 and 64 years old. The median age is 40, and the median household income is nearly $83,000.

  • Last year, Shaker Heights residential property owners spent millions of dollars in maintenance, renovations, and additions.

  • During the last 5 years, more than $80 million dollars have been invested in residential properties in Shaker Heights.

  • 64% of Shaker’s working residents are in management, business, science or the arts.

  • The average sale price of a Shaker home is $274,143.

  • Circulation: 18,000 with readership of 40,000

  • This companion website, which includes an archive of issues, extends your advertising dollars to online readers.

Preparing & Submitting Ad Files for Print

• Shaker Life is produced in 4-color process at 300DPI.
• Preferred file type: Adobe Acrobat PDF prepared using standard Press Optimized settings
• Files should be prepared as CMYK or Grayscale, depending upon contracted ad type
• Compatibility: Acrobat 4 0 (PDF 1 3) or later with all fonts embedded
• Shaker Life cannot accept ad files containing fonts from unlicensed, web or free download sources. All unlicensed, web or free fonts must be
converted to outlines before distilling to final, print-ready PDF or saving to an acceptable alternative type file (see below)
• All type, photos, and graphics must be converted to Grayscale or CMYK format (no RGB or SPOT colors)
• Except for full page bleed ads, all files should be submitted at exact ad trim size, (i.e. no extra white space, margins, slugs, etc , outside the live matter area) Full page bleed ads should be submitted with 0.125” full bleed and bleed/trim marks
• Alternatively, ads may be submitted to size as 300 DPI JPG files with all fonts converted to paths. No native application files (Quark, Indesign, Word, Publisher, etc ) are accepted
• It is the responsibility of the advertiser to supply professionally prepared, properly specified PDFs for final production. Incorrectly prepared files may be returned to the advertiser/preparer to be corrected and resubmitted. Shaker Life will not be held liable for improperly prepared ad files
submitted by an advertiser or their agents

Web Specifications

shaker.life accepts the following format and size.

Online advertising specs for shaker.life


Contact John Moore, 216-721-4300, to inquire about our introductory online advertising rates or to speak about advertising in the print magazine.