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Great Shaker Homes


Geiers of the Round Table

A renovated garden-to-table kitchen, and lots of teenagers, are the beating heart of this great Shaker home.

The Simple Things in Life

Teri and Ben Chmielewski moved their family of four to a mid-century Cape Cod, which they completely renovated to meet their daughter Sarah’s particular but basic needs.

A Home Reclaimed

Chris and Evangeline Ramsay transformed their Onaway-area colonial into a multigenerational space with ample rustic charm.


The Envelope of Sustainability

The City’s openness to sustainable housing technology readied the way for Aparna and Richard Bole’s Mission-style home and all its green trimmings.

Ventilation Matters

Improve your home's energy efficiency with air sealing and proper ventilation. Our green building expert explains.

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