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Great Shaker Homes

The Art of Restoration

Shaker Heights Landmark Homes require special care, as well as special artisans, to keep them in mint condition.


Turning a House into a Home

It all begins at home ... Shaker Life takes an up-close look at three modern homes designed by noted architects.

The Reed/Leskosky House

Ron Reed and Vince Leskosky are not simply carrying the evolution of Shaker Heights residential architecture into the 21st Century, but helping redefine how we use the space in our homes.

This is the Hisaka House

The late architect Don Hisaka's most enduring legacy in these parts is the 1968 house he designed and built in Shaker for his family.


The Envelope of Sustainability

The City’s openness to sustainable housing technology readied the way for Aparna and Richard Bole’s Mission-style home and all its green trimmings.

Ventilation Matters

Improve your home's energy efficiency with air sealing and proper ventilation. Our green building expert explains.

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