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Scene in Shaker


Brain Food from the Heart

Founded by two Shaker residents, the Cleveland Kids' Book Bank has distributed more than 1.7 million books to children in need throughout Greater Cleveland.

Meet Chuck Bates

Chuck Bates works every day to ensure the Fire Department's trucks, equipment, and tools are in peak working condition, regardless of age. Watch the video.

Play it Again, Mom

Lifelong resident Joan Kaufman (nee Skall) has had an 80-year love affair with the piano.

A Real Connection

"Music for Our Children," organized by Shaker residents Ralitsa Georgieva-Smith and Jason Smith, is now in its fifth year and has raised more than $6,000 for UNICEF.

Coffee, Cakes, and Community

Gimme Java, the cozy cafe on the southeast corner of Van Aken Boulevard and Lee Road, has been described as “Shaker’s version of Cheers, only with coffee instead of alcohol.”

For Better or Worse

In the marriage that is Shaker homeownership, these Six Stages of a Shaker Home Renovation embody the notion of "for better or for worse" in spades.