Awesomely Delicious

Mitchell’s Ice Cream will be an eye-catching centerpiece for the Van Aken District, and a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy Mitchell’s beloved local product.


Upstairs Van Aken

Shaker’s newest housing option consists of 103 apartment units at the Van Aken District. The Blue Line Rapid, shopping, and dining options are just steps away.

Brick Oven Bliss

Genuine Pizza and its James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz herald the Van Aken District as a food destination.

We Have a Plan. We’ve Always Had a Plan

Fifty years ago the Styche-Hisaka Plan laid out the City’s social, economic, and physical challenges and provided innovative recommendations. We look at the City’s progress since then.


A Real Connection

"Music for Our Children," organized by Shaker residents Ralitsa Georgieva-Smith and Jason Smith, is now in its fifth year and has raised more than $6,000 for UNICEF.

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