Shaker Is The Place

Each day in Shaker Heights presents new possibilities to engage with a profound and permeating ideal – that coming together is just the beginning. No notion is more prominent or evident in Shaker than that.

Our City is designed for gathering and connecting, empowering our residents – of all interests, backgrounds, and experiences – to join together and create a welcoming community defined by mutual understanding, intimacy, and authenticity.

As we usher in a new decade, we’re delighted to share out community with the world in a way that can truly by described as “authentically Shaker.” Ours is a story defined, created and told through the eyes of our residents. Discover our beloved schools, beautiful homes and parks, and the people who comprise the community.

Shaker Heights is the place where a house becomes a home, a city becomes a community, and neighbors become lifelong friends.

Discover below what makes Shaker Heights.

Quality Housing Options

A life in Shaker Heights means finding a top quality home at every stage of your life. Whether making your home in a historic apartment, modern condominium, or a dream residence on a street whose name everyone knows – Shaker Heights offers incredible diversity in available housing. So while our homes may look different, the quality of a Shaker home is something that we all share.


Gather and Connect


There’s no shortage of personality on our tree-lined streets. That describes our homes but perhaps even more so our residents. No matter the weather, Shaker residents are always ready for a block party, holiday parade or community-wide celebration. Learn more about the city where our public spaces act as a shared living space – where established and new residents all have a place at the table.


Environmentally Conscious

A deep connection to our environment is a defining aspect of what makes living in Shaker Heights different. Our residents enjoy an impressive tree canopy, 220+ miles of sidewalks, 15 miles of shared lanes for biking and running (and growing), community gardens, parks and parklands throughout the entirety of the city. Connect with the nature that soars all around with the best bird watching in Northeast Ohio at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes.

The City is committed to maintenance of that environment. Efforts include sustainability planning, continual education on the changing recycling landscape, installation of solar panels at Shaker Heights High School, the care and replacement of trees when appropriate (part of our recognition as a Tree City by the National Arbor Day Foundation for the past 31 years). Living in Shaker Heights means appreciation for and stewardship of the natural world.


Proximity to the Region


We are proud to be known as one of the nation’s premier street car suburbs, allowing for easy access by rail, bus or car to top business and cultural destinations. With a 25 minute RTA commute to Tower City in Downtown Cleveland and less than a 10 minute drive to two major highways (I-480 and I-271), Shaker residents find getting “there” a breeze.


Our Schools

A quality education ensures a vibrant future. Guiding students to expand their curiosity and imaginations by gazing beyond perceived limits and engaging in the excitement of learning.  As a beacon of educational excellence for more than a century, a Shaker education produces caring citizens who are destined to make our community and our world a better place.


Change Makers


Some of our nation’s brightest minds call Shaker Heights home. From Grammy Award winners, to leading medical minds, to best-selling authors, to innovators and entrepreneurs – our city is a place for ideas and action. Every day in Shaker brings an opportunity to connect, challenge, engage and be enlightened by your friends and neighbors with whom you share a community.


Destinations Just Outside Your Door

Whether your idea of fun involves family time or escaping the day-to-day with a good friend in tow, Shaker Heights amenities are many and calling your name. Easily access one of Northeast Ohio’s best ice rinks year ’round, lace up your sneakers for a training run around Horseshoe Lake, treat yourself to a season pass at the local swimming pool or bring your thrill-seeking bunch for a ride down our legendary sledding hill on a snowy winter day. Above all else don’t forget to extend the fun at the Van Aken District’s new Market Hall – where merchants are ready to serve up the best in something warm (or frosty).


To learn more about the City of Shaker Heights, visit the official website: