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Work. Live. Shaker.


Meet Jennifer Souers Chevraux

Artwork and heirlooms become touchstone objects with the power to maintain a physical connection with people and places lost to time, says the owner of Illumine Creative Solutions.

Meet John Pistone

John Pistone is co-owner of Shaker's popular J. Pistone Market and Gathering Place, where fresh (and healthy) food is always on the menu.

Meet Gary Caldwell

Acme Exterminating Company owner Gary Caldwell knows and loves the people, places…and even the pests of Shaker Heights.

Master Marr’s Taekwon-do

James Marr and Elaine Bayless moved to Shaker to be closer to family, bringing a successful Taekwon-do school with them.

Two Companies. One Couple

Kathy and Ralph Dise run separate companies on opposite ends of town, both conveniently situated near their Shaker home.

Meet James Rhodes

A student by day and nurse by night, the Moreland resident still finds time to enjoy what the City offers.

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