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Brilliant Careers

Secrets of an Unseen World

Mahmoud Ghannoum, the son of a Lebanese plumber, is perhaps the world’s leading authority on the microscopic fungi in humans. He’s also an author and businessman who keeps reinventing himself while saving lives in the process.


A Flair for Life

Robert Madison’s rise to the top of his profession as an architect began in the Jim Crow era. But the obstructions and insults merely sharpened his courage and determination.

Designing the Future

Automotive designer Carlos Salaff gets goosebumps just from looking into the analog cockpits of 1960s-era Formula 1 racecars. That raw excitement combined with the design of the machine inspires the art he strives to create.

A Natural Storyteller

Perhaps the most beloved television personality in Greater Cleveland, Shaker’s Leon Bibb was the first African-American prime-time news anchor in Ohio and one of the first in America.

A Director’s Story

Jamie Babbit graduated from Shaker Heights High School in 1989. These days, she's on Hollywood's A-List.

Medical Innovators

Shaker's medical innovators are on the cutting edge of medical innovation, treatment and research. We profile five of them.

Art in Shaker: Higher Education

Artists Seth Nagelberg, Marc Petrovic, and Christian Moody — all faculty members at the Cleveland Institute of Art — are happy to call Shaker home.

Access to Their Origins

Betsie Norris’ legislative victory on behalf of the Ohio’s adoptees has made her a saint in the eyes of adoptees across the state, and the nation.

A Think Tank with a Shaker Edge

The Nation magazine named Policy Matters Ohio the most valuable state or regional organization in America. If its executive director has her way, all of Ohio will one day be like Shaker Heights.