//Choosing the Middle Path

Choosing the Middle Path

Middle school is nobody’s favorite time of life. Or is it? Shaker Heights Middle School boasts a talented staff of teachers, counselors, and administrators who have chosen to embrace this unique developmental stage, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

By Jennifer Proe
Shaker Middle School Principal David Glasner

Shaker Middle School Principal David Glasner

Most adults, if offered a tidy sum to return to middle school for just one week, would take a pass. Middle schoolers get a bad rap for being difficult, moody, impulsive, hormonal – take your pick of the usual adjectives.

Yet, there are those who show up every day, by choice, to teach our Middle School students with passion, humor, and enthusiasm. Principal David Glasner, now in his fourth year at Shaker Heights Middle School, leads this dedicated group of teachers, counselors, and staff members, who all speak teenager fluently.

The staff goes out of their way to build strong connections with students, and those connections are key to helping students get the most out of middle school.

“At this age, students can be going through many social, emotional, and academic transitions, and we know they are most likely to be successful at handling those transitions and setting goals for themselves when they have strong relationships with adults,” says Glasner. “When we’re hiring, that’s something we look for.”

Hear from Shaker Middle School teachers themselves how they form those all-important connections with students, both in and out of the classroom, and why they’re happy to stay right where they are – in middle school.

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