//Vim & Vigor on the Van Aken District Workout Circuit

Vim & Vigor on the Van Aken District Workout Circuit

The Van Aken District is a place to work, live, and play – and to stay active and healthy. And all just a few steps away, or around the corner.

By Zachary Lewis

Many climbing at indoor gym

When we asked health and fitness writer Zachary Lewis to do a round-up of stories about ways to enhance one’s fitness within the Van Aken District, we provided him with names of facilities, all within the District’s relatively small geographical area.

He found that those facilities offer an impressive range of options for staying fit: gyms for young and old, a rock-climbing wall, a swimming pool, a skating rink, classes that offer everything from yoga to low-impact workouts to grueling buckets-of-sweat ordeals, skateboarding for the young to the most advanced programs for older adults. And let’s not forget the latest in training footwear.

Fitness in the VAD

Originally published in Shaker Life, Fall 2018.