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When Neighbors Lock It, Light It & Trim It, Crime Goes Down

Lock It, Light It & Trim It illustration

We all know that Shaker unites behind a worthy cause. What better cause than the security of our community? Statistics prove that when Shaker residents engage, they are effective force multipliers and the work of the police department becomes the work of the community.

As the warm weather arrives, criminal activity tends to rise. Protect your home and property by making sure to Lock It, Light It & Trim It.

  • Lock your house’s doors.
  • Keep windows locked.
  • Also lock garage doors and windows.
  • Lock bikes in the garage.
  • Keep garage contents out of site or in locked containers.
  • Lock cars and keep valuables out of site.
  • Do not leave cars running to go inside.
  • Use outdoor lights, including those with motion light sensors or dusk-to-dawn light detectors.
  • Remove places to hide by keeping shrubs low and trimmed.

Don’t second guess yourself. Call the Shaker Heights Police Department Police at 216-491-1220 (non-emergency):

  • If you see something that seems out of the ordinary in your neighborhood or on your street.
  • If you notice unfamiliar footprints in your yard that were not there the night before.
  • If you detect an unusual pattern of activity in or around a vacant house on your street.
  • If the car zooming down your street every day is endangering neighborhood pedestrians.
  • If someone rings your bell claiming to sell something or provide a service that seems suspicious.
  • If something makes you stop and notice because it feels unusual or out of the ordinary.

SHPD would always rather check it out now than find out about it after a crime has been committed. Be smart. Be safe. Be happy.

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