//The Last Word on Middle School

The Last Word on Middle School

Our panel of experts shares these nuggets of wisdom to help students make a successful transition to Shaker Middle School.

Shaker Middle School students

From left to right: Kevin Spring, Shelby Hill, Justice Riley, William Welsh, Alina Roach

“Be open-minded. Try new things. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do what they want to do. I like that we can eat outside because the PTO bought us new tables.” – Shelby Hill

“Don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers and ask questions. That way they know you’re interested. I like the Community Circles.” – Alina Roach

“I like the freedom in the hallways here. Using the planner is key, because the pace of the day is faster. If you see someone who is shy, sit with them to help make them more comfortable.” – Kevin Spring

“There’s a lot more opportunities and clubs here. Expect more work, but do not freak out. You won’t be overloaded.” — Justice Riley

“Let things roll off your back, like if you get bumped in the hallway. But tell someone if they are hurting or offending you. People are generally welcoming and understanding. I think it’s a friendly and open community.” – Will Welsh