///Meet Shaker Consulting’s James Brady

Meet Shaker Consulting’s James Brady

“I love that our new office on Lee Road is a quick drive or bike ride away.”

By Jennifer Proe

James Brady, Shaker Consulting

Who: James Brady

Where: Boulevard Neighborhood

Business: Shaker Consulting, helping small business owners gain access to the sales and
marketing tools used by large corporations. I am a co-owner with my business partner, Hilary Anderson.

Mission: We believe every small business has untapped potential. Our mission is to quickly assess business opportunities for our clients and provide effective, efficient solutions tailored to their specific needs.

What I Love About My Work: I love that we get to help small business owners succeed. Whenever we meet a new client for the first time, it’s usually because they need help with some aspect of their business.

Personal Background: To say I came from humble beginnings would be an understatement. I grew up in Warren, Ohio where my dad worked at GM and my mom was a “domestic engineer” caring for me and my three siblings. I put myself through college at the University of Toledo by enlisting in the Army Reserve, and I also joined ROTC. My college career was briefly delayed when my unit was called to serve in the Gulf War. I returned to UT, graduated, married my wife, Janet, and returned to the Army as an Infantry Officer.

We left military life in the late ‘90s and moved to St. Louis, where I started my post-military career in the pharmaceutical industry. A promotion brought us back to Northeast Ohio, now with two young boys in tow. I knew there was only one place I wanted to live and it only took one visit for my wife to fall in love with Shaker.  We settled in the Lomond neighborhood where our kids could walk around the corner to the amazing Lomond Elementary.

Later we made the classic Shaker decision to upgrade to a larger house while staying in Shaker. Our house in the Boulevard neighborhood has a beautiful view of Lower Shaker Lake. (Fun fact: Our house was used in the filming of the movie “Draft Day,” and we got to meet Kevin Costner and Chadwick Boseman.) All
three of our kids had an amazing experience in the Shaker Schools. Clay and Haley are currently attending school at Fairfield University and University of Cincinnati, and Colin is a recent graduate of Mercyhurst University.

On Working and Living in Shaker Heights: I love that our new office on Lee Road is a quick drive or bike ride away. We also love that as new business tenants in the Chagrin-Lee corridor, we’re helping to revitalize an area of the City that has so much potential. Over the summer, my business partner and I discovered the patio at Juma as a great place to hang for a cup of coffee and casual meetings. And J. Pistone’s is our go-to for lunch. As a former Shaker councilperson, I cannot wait to try out the new locations to dine in the Van Aken District.

However, as most of my friends will tell you, the most likely place to find me on a weekend is in my own backyard, listening to some tunes and enjoying a cigar at my fire pit.

Shaker Consulting
3689 Lee Road Ste. B
Facebook: @ShakerConsultingllc

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