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Day 28 : When Zosimo and Anjua Maximo were ready to move out of Los Angeles, they heard that Shaker Heights was the place for their growing family. As soon as they moved here, they realized that was true. In Shaker Heights, they felt that they knew the people that lived next to them or across the street from them. In Shaker Heights, they felt like they could be a part of a community.

Moving through their careers, Zosimo and Anjua wanted to pursue their mutual passion for helping others be the best versions of themselves. Through GrooveRyde, they make that passion a reality every day. It’s important to them, as business owners, that they create a space that reflects the community they feel in Shaker and that anyone that walks through the doors knows that they are accepted and challenged to grow.

At GrooveRyde’s new location at The Van Aken District, they’ve found a community of business owners that share this passion for community and support. It felt right for Zosimo and Anjua to be a part of a community that cares as much as they do.

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